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patent application services norfolk virginia


Our attorneys have the experience and technical expertise to provide the highest quality results across a broad range of services and technologies (industries). Our attorneys approach IP from a business perspective and supply our clients with clear answers and strategic insight in the services we provide. We have a great appreciation for our client’s trust in us and take pride in providing them with the intellectual property expertise they need and deserve.


  • Patent Portfolio Building and Management

  • Drafting and Filing of Patent Applications

  • Patent Prosecution

  • Non-Infringement and Invalidity Opinions

  • Evaluation of Patent Portfolios

  • Licensing Negotiations and Purchasing of U.S. Patents

  • Start-Up Patent Portfolio Generation and Strategic Intellectual Property Counsel

  • Preparation and filing of Trademark Applications

  • Trademark Prosecution


  • Telecommunication Systems

  • Data Storage

  • Cellular and RF Technologies

  • Microscopy Systems

  • User Interfaces

  • Computer Architecture

  • Remote Control Devices

  • Vehicle Electronics

  • Medical Imaging and Devices

  • Optical Communication and Sensing Equipment

  • Software and User Interfaces

  • Business Methods

  • Oil & Gas Technology

  • Seismic Surveying

  • Polymers

  • Nanomaterials

  • Mineral Compositions

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical Devices

  • Light-emitting Materials 

  • Glass Products

  • Metal Products 

  • Light-emitting Devices 

  • Semiconductors 

  • Batteries

  • Fuel Cells

  • Petroleum Products

  • Nuclear Technologies

  • Chemical Processes

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing)

  • Textiles

  • Petrochemicals

  • Cosmetics

  • Pigments

  • Toners

  • Food and beverage Products

  • Imaging Devices and Reactor Technologies

Alternative Fee Arrangements for Patent Preparation & Prosecution


The Umbrella service is essentially a package deal that provides budget certainty while also promoting a special partnership relationship between PPB and our clients in a shared commitment to work together toward highly compact prosecution of a patent or portfolio of patents.

For a single fee, Umbrella bundles all of the core tasks associated with patent preparation and prosecution during an application's lifecycle and incentivizes reduced negotiation time with the USPTO.



  • Want a higher degree of budget certainty

  • Want to partner with PPB to obtain high quality patents quickly by reducing negotiation iterations with the USTPO

  • Have limited in-house patent service resources (e.g. start-ups)


By stripping away administrative service components, such as docketing and mail service, the Lite service gives clients only the legal services that they need.



  • Have extensive in-house patent service resources (e.g. large corporations)

  • Don't want to pay extra for associated bundled services typically included in full servcie offerings (e.g. docketing, mail handling, banking)

  • Non US-based companies and law firms


Fixed is a flexible full service covering the entire spectrum of legal tasks involved with obtaining and enforcing patents.

Fixed is based on a fee schedule which is tailored to a corporation's individualized metrics, workflows and technologies.



  • Are comfortable with conventional fee arrangements

  • Want both some budget certainty and some flexibility in task control

  • Are any size from start-up to Fortune 100

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