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Patent Portfolio Builders PLLC, previously Potomac Patent Group of Fredericksburg, was founded in 2002 by patent attorneys with extensive experience in the areas of electrical and computer technologies.

We are committed to providing the highest quality legal services to our corporate clients in all areas of domestic and international intellectual property (IP), focusing on patent application preparation and prosecution, opinions, and licensing matters. We provide personalized service at a fair cost by controlling our overhead expenses and making the most of our experience.

In particular, we specialize in helping clients with limited in-house IP expertise to quickly generate patent portfolios while minimizing time commitments from key employee inventors. This capability has proven valuable to both start-ups and larger companies who experience a competitive need for patents and don’t have the time to build up the needed in-house infrastructure to accomplish short term patent portfolio objectives.

Our Business-Oriented Intellectual Property Philosophy

At Patent Portfolio Builders PLLC, we believe that patent law should be viewed through a business lens. Patents are significant assets with limited revenue-producing lifetimes. We believe that patents should play an active role on the bottom line, not just a goodwill line item on a balance sheet.

Patent lawyers should approach the business of obtaining a patent from a business perspective. Although many are skilled at molding technical concepts into individual patent applications, and ultimately into issued patents, little thought may be given to the development of a patent portfolio as an integrated and valuable resource  of the client.

We provide strategic, outside-the-box thinking that harnesses our many years of experience. For example, no single company has a monopoly on good ideas, and so why should you assume that the value of your company’s IP portfolio can be maximized only by developing home-grown ideas? We access today’s robust market in patents and patent applications to match our clients’ knowledge of their markets with existing intellectual property and help them to strategically acquire IP to propel their business plans forward.

Another feature of our practice is our ability to provide bottom-line advice, which is useful in a business context to make decisions. Equivocation has its place in some legal settings, but when you are the decision maker, you want your patent counsel’s clear answers to your questions, not lengthy variations on the theme of “it depends”.

If this business-oriented intellectual property philosophy appeals to you, we encourage you to look around our website for other examples of how our practice differs from that of other firms or contact us for more information.

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