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PPB Law understands the many challenges that startups and small businesses face and we feel
protecting your innovations should not be one of those. We have created resources to help you better
understand IP and the patent process.

IP and Your Venture
A Conversation between StartWheel & Patent Portfolio Builders
Intellectual Propert, Patents, Copyrights

Part 1

Part 2

Intellectual Propert, Patents, Copyrights
Intellectual Propert, Patents, Copyrights
An IP Discussion with Callye Keen of Red Blue Collective
IP Overview: Why it's Important
A Conversation with 757 Accelerate
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Introduction to Intellectual Property

PowerPoint Presentation, November 2019

Intellectual Propert, Patents, Copyrights

Intellectual Property: A Discussion on Patents, Copyrights, and your IP Concerns

Zoom Presentation, April 2020

Introduction to Trademarks

Info Sheet by PPB Law

Invention Disclosure Form

Form Document by PPB Law

More start-up resources

are on their way!

Trusted Partners

StartWheel's goal is to consolidate, coordinate and celebrate the entrepreneurial efforts that are taking place across the Hampton Roads, Virginia (HRVA) region. Together, we foster the growth of entrepreneurism in our innovation economy to create the next generation of business. StartWheel is where talent, resources, information and leadership come together.


Red Blue Collective eliminates the barriers to launching and growing innovative physical product companies. We coach entrepreneurs to transform product ideas into a business reality and connect them with funding opportunities, development resources, and manufacturing partners.

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Jossey PLLC through helps small businesses and entrepreneurs capitalize through equity crowdfunding. This new and innovative tool allows everyone to invest in companies locally and globally. Issuers can raise up to $1 million selling securities through intermediary portals that introduce the company to hundreds of thousands of potential investors. Jossey PLLC guides the company from portal choice through raise closing for a flat fee.

startups ignite

A startup performance accelerator with a support network.  We help startups beat the odds, and accelerate what matters.

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